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Types of Objects You Can Store in Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Our units can be found in climate-controlled buildings where you can store various types of objects, including some of your most sensitive ones. Climate-controlled storage facilities are ideal for items that may need controlled environments in terms of air quality and air conditioning and we are happy to provide this service to you.

  • You can store wooden furniture that needs controlled humidity levels, your wine collection, or even CDs and paper documents that extreme heat or humidity could damage.
  • You can store books, any kind of furniture, and other general household objects that you may not use frequently.
  • You can also use storage to keep memorabilia and sentimental items that you want to hold on to but you’re not currently making any use of.
  • Students can store their belongings during university breaks.
  • We also provide commercial storage for business owners who want to keep their inventory safe or might need some extra storage space that will help them to declutter their offices.

Antique, Piano, Wine, Document and Fine Art Storage

Climate-controlled storage provides the optimum conditions to store any valuable or delicate item. We carefully maintain the humidity and temperature at set levels to provide the perfect environment for storing antiques, pianos, art, wine or documents and books.

Not only do we offer storage services but we can collect and deliver your goods to any location around the world. We offer award-winning removals, are specialist piano movers and have been conducting house removals for over a decade.

Temperature Control

Temperature is another factor that can affect any piece of furniture, bottle of wine, sculpture or artwork. Large changes in temperature can cause natural materials to expand and contract or dry out in a similar fashion to humidity changes.

Our climate-controlled storage facility maintains a constant temperature of 20°C and does not use air conditioning. This prevents any damage from expansion or contraction due to temperature changes or indirectly from changes in humidity. In our store the temperature is a pleasant 20°C all year round.

Ultra Violet Protection

Ultra Viloet (UV) rays are another big cause of damage to furniture, pianos and art. Prolonged exposure to UV causes colours to fade and wash out, this can cause artwork to deteriorate and furniture to discolour.

Our climate-controlled storage facility has no windows to ensure that any item in store cannot be damaged by UV light. In addition, each item is wrapped for further protection from physical damage as well as UV damage.


Our climate-controlled storage service removes all of these risks by maintaining a constant and ideal humidity. Your furniture, art, wine or documents do not suffer from an overly damp or dry environment. They are not exposed to changing humidity levels, preventing the item from constantly expanding or contracting. A constant humidity is the perfect way to store any goods.


Our climate-controlled storage is more than environmental control. The store is protected by an electronic gate, CCTV, security alarms, fire alarm systems, on-site security as well as DBS checked staff.

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